Posted: 01/24/2009 in life

i want some more opinions! 


i’m trying to decide on where i want the house on these 5 acres. i’m kinda thinking the driveway length is the deciding factor. 


how long do i want my drive way?

remember, it’s a gravel road. which gets quite a bit of traffic. 

lmk what you think!

if you could have any length in the world, money wasn’t a problem, gravel maintenance, pavement cost… what would you pick?

ok now, with all those things considered, how many feet long would your driveway be?

  1. Britt says:

    So long the Beatles would write a song about it … and they’d call it “The Long and Winding Road”

    Seriously though, I’d make it long .. couldn’t tell ya feet because I suck at estimation, but with the high traffic, I’m thinking if you don’t make it long enough, you’ll have mucho dust.

    Then again, if you put up a wall o’ trees ..

    But then you couldn’t see your house from the road.

    Erm .. I’m thinking I’ve been, like, zero help?

  2. Chelsea says:

    Lets see.. the width of the front of Mahaska Drug.. Can you picture that?? Thats about how long i’d make my driveway or even longer than that.. BECAUSE.. from growing up in country and being somewhat close to the road, our house would easily get dusty and just to keep me sane, my kids wont be too close to the road. So a long one is my suggestion.

  3. Chelsea says:

    AND pavement is my pick! but may not do much good if house is already on gravel?? Gravel driveways seems to need a refill every maybe 4-5 years?

  4. jenifriend says:

    i think i would do about 1/4 a mile. that gives enough space to create a “presence” when driving up to the home, and also carries enough space for guests to park without laying the tires on the lawn. 🙂

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