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you raise me up

Posted: 01/26/2009 in sign language

you raise me up

here’s the deal. youtube muted my video because josh groban is in a lawsuit against youtube for anyone posting his stuff on the website. brother! so i had to figure out a way so you could still listen to the music while i’m signing it. 

click on you raise me up with the music and open in separate email. at the point where he is about to start singing, click play on the video of me signing it. they should play together from that point on. 

signing pals: please critique honestly and with love 🙂 for clarity, sign choice, and accuracy. 

the others: you can let me know how it makes you feel, if i’m too serious, etc. 

this is for a project saturday morning. i don’t think this spoils it for saturday. pretty sure everyone that reads my blog has not rsvp-ed… here’s hopin! 🙂