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oh for goodness sakes!

Posted: 01/27/2009 in creative, favorites, fun

i seriously accidently found this. 


click in the top right hand corner-ish area “explore” and then “themes”.

i absolutely love their clean style. 

are you kidding me?

i did NOT want to see this! 

do i seriously have to go through this again over style? (moving my blog)


are they not amazing?!

i don’t even know what to think.


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progress can be so difficult. 

it seems like at times you can see the progress and even feel like you are running to catch up with it! 

and then there are the times when you are attempting to drag it behind you and tugging and tugging with all your might and it refuses to budge. 

i was there today. 

i wasn’t happy. 

6 phone calls to one bank.

1 call to another bank.

1 call to an electric company.

2 calls to 2 different appraisers. 

total number of calls that can be labeled productive or considered progression: 4

can we say frustrating! 

but at the end of the day (yes it’s only 4:45 but our banks are closed and the sun rises and sets on that… so it appears) progress was made.

besides. when it warms up, i’m digging! it might be with my hands, but i’m gonna be digging! 🙂 so progress better start catching up!

oh please warm up soon!


golden rod eggs

Posted: 01/27/2009 in recipes

hard boil 8 eggs

in saucepan make white sauce

       1 stick of butter

       4 tbsp flour

      slowly add 1 pint of half n half

divide egg whites and yolks. dice egg whites and add to white sauce.

crumble yolks. set aside.

butter toast and put a few spoonfuls of white sauce on each piece of toast. sprinkle yolk crumbles generously on top.

tami’s meatballs

Posted: 01/27/2009 in recipes

i’m fairly confident these are my sisters mil’s meatballs. YUM! they are amazing! 

mix together:

2 lb hamburger

1 cup crushed graham cracker

3/4 cup half n half

2 beaten eggs

form above into balls or make into a meatloaf

mix together for sauce:

2 cans tomato soup

1/3 cup vinegar

1 3/4 cup brown sugar

2 tsp dry mustard

mix well. pour over meatballs insuring all meat is covered in sauce.

cook uncovered for 1 hour on 350

great frozen. make exactly the same. thaw before cooking.


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yesterday we went to ottumwa to do some more research on icf’s. we weren’t very impressed with what we found. actually really glad we have other options and don’t feel stuck with what this company offers. off to do more research. eric and i got to talking all that while we were in the car and realized we are potentially 8 weeks away from breaking ground. that makes my stomach go crazy. i feel like we have so much to do first… so many quotes and such we need for the bank. i am sure this is not the worst part, but it feels like a doozy at the moment. 

while in ottumwa one of my missions was to find a pair of jeans for me that fit RIGHT. if you haven’t ever jean shopped with me, here’s what it looks like. 

collect all jeans at current store.

try on ALL the jeans. some once. some twice. 

take note once again that everyone on earth in my size is an 1in taller than i.

this all takes about an hour or two.

go to a different store. 

repeat above. 

3x’s at least. 

it’s exhausting. for me and my shoppin pal. 


yesterday was different. yep, believe it!

i went into target, tried on three, nothing. moved on.

looked and looked at 2 stores and nothing even worth trying on. i couldn’t believe this! and determined i wasn’t going to find jeans that fit right unless i spent $70 on silvers.


was headed out the mall in disappointed and glanced in vanity. i’ve never shopped in there before. their style from glancing in the window seemed, umm, too young for me. i tried anyway. the sales lady was awesome. she pulled three jeans for me and said these should be perfect. they were! ALL of them! they fit like a dream!!!! i only got one pair. but am thinking i’ll be back very soon to get at least one more pair. the styles she handed me were amazing. they are the most comfortable jean i’ve ever wore. not the rough jean fabric like all my other jeans, a softer jean fabric, like lucky and silver… but they were vanity’s. i’m very happy! 🙂 

i’ve determined – let the sales lady select the jeans.