almost here

Posted: 01/28/2009 in favorites

and i couldn’t be more excited (well i think i would be more excited if it was a dining room table! :))


  1. aj says:

    oh a nano?? Oh what fun! 🙂

  2. breanna says:

    eric’s a good saver! lol we thought we’d splurge!!! all for the sake of lizzie faith of course! she needs some way to watch backyardigans when we are away from the computer. lol not sure how to keep headphones on her but we’ll just see how badly she wants to hear it. 🙂

  3. MC says:

    yay! I love my nano, it is such an awesome things…it’s great at terp workshops over lunch when you just do’nt wanna go out and socialize…or when you don’t know anyone, saves you from the “awkwardness” haha. And it’s good for working out…i love my walk away the pounds…and the pump up music…or just wanting to turn it up and sign your heart out (without bothering anyone with the blasting). 🙂 Did you get it from Apple? Did you have it engraved? I did for my red nano for (red)…:) i’m as attached to my ipod as I am to my phone. hah!

  4. MC says:

    as for the backyardigans…is tasha her favorite? ha

  5. breanna says:

    of course tasha is her favorite!!!!!!!!! LOL

  6. jenifriend says:

    i have the oldest ipod known to man; the very first version that ever hit stores and it was a hand me down at to boot. i love it though and it gets the job done when I want to listen to my tunes!! congrats on your new technological gift!!

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