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welp, we are going to pretend that we are social and go to a concert tonight. this is who we’re off to see. not sure what we are getting ourselves into but it will be a fun time with my hubby either way. 🙂

prayer breakfast

Posted: 01/31/2009 in house, spiritual growth

today we helped put on our annual prayer breakfast. 

it’s formal. 

the tables were all decked out. a pal of me, who is the head-dog of this shindig; 🙂 and i decorated the tables on thursday. the napkins were folded perfectly anxiously away their guests. 

the egg casseroles were baked. fruit washed. muffins baked.

it was gorgeous! 

everyone ate. 

then the program began.

lil kiddos did a quick ditty. 

scripture was read. 

on to my favorite part. 

eric drew a chalk drawing to music (i’ll post pictures later). it was totally awesome!!!  i’m not one to be easily moved to tears in moments like these, but i was. this is the song he chose.

i’ll post pictures of his drawing soon.  patience! 🙂 

then i signed my song (you raise me up). i practiced and practiced. i finally got the right touch of facials. 

now time to break out the stroller and this glorious saturday!! i’m oh so anxious for the weather to stay this way. we’ll be getting the final quotes by friday. then off to see the appraiser for the initial approval. then it will be time to work on the land title/deed and such. then we will have the green light to DIG! i’m so excited! this is really happening! it really is happening!!! wow!