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Posted: 02/28/2009 in family, favorites

what a fun day with my loveys! 

lizzie had a blast yesterday!

we started the day out at the license bureau – yea somebody lost her license and thought it wise not to drive that distance without it. $12.50 a duplicate was printed. shwoo!! what a relief! 

we headed to osky and went to amanda’s first. 

once everyone arrived i hardly saw lizzie faith. i went looking for her a few times between 9:30ish and 11:30ish but she didn’t care about me AT ALL! once all the kids were upstairs and i realized this and panicked thinking for sure she managed to crawl up those steps by herself or with the help of attie or lili 😉 (we don’t have steps at home so this isn’t a mastered skill and attie & lilli are her best-big-girl pals!), nope she didn’t, she was content looking out amanda’s low windows (our windows aren’t as low as her’s so lf can’t see out so well). what a cutie! momma swelled at her obeying! (or she was oblivious to the big kids and was off doing her own thing the whole time, who knows, i was chattin!)

what fun to all get together! i enjoyed chattin with my sistas and the kiddos played!! they play SO well!!! time for more! LOL there were 7 children in that home (all under 9) and 3 adults chatted consistently for 2 hours!! all that child-training at home really pays off! 🙂 

we spent the afternoon at grammy’s and had a good nap in momma’s old bed and fun playin with henry! and got some good home decorating magazines too!!! 🙂 (thanks mom!)

we’re home and the house is back in order – it’s like it throws up on itself the evening we get home from a day in osky. 

thanks for a wonderful day away yesterday! i enjoyed every minute and i know lizzie faith did too!!! 🙂

we got it!

Posted: 02/27/2009 in house

the money that is to build this silly house!


too bad it isn’t all good news…

oh well! money isn’t free now is it! 🙂


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saw this on a blog i frequent and had to go check it out! i think it’s pretty accurate! what do you think??




here it is!

Posted: 02/25/2009 in house

*click on images to see full photo

i’m sure it doesn’t look like much to you. 

to me this represents so much. 

this is REALLY happening!!!! 

i see gorgeous deep wood cabinets with blackish countertop. cute black countertop height stools. my gorgeous table with black chairs. floor without 1 inch of shag-ness holding lots-o-grossness. wonderful WOOD andersen windows! YIPPY! (i especially LOVE the kitchen windows, three in a row like this)


gorgeous wall colors and tastefully white trim. 5 panel doors, closets, mud room… oh so much! if i can just get past the anxiety i realize i absolutely love everything i’ve decided on and will love it all installed too! 🙂 

most of all this represents my husband’s love for his family and his deep desires to care for us the best way he knows how! i feel very blessed.      

so all this as a “debut” of sorts of the actual official floor plans that i know you’ve been dying to see (deep down in side, i know you are sick of hearing about the house, but i am pretending like you care, just let me pretend ok! 🙂 ) picture-13

















the exterior style will look like this:

1509bfront (but diff colors, currently unknown)








Posted: 02/25/2009 in house

this week i’m struggling with making big decisions. worried i’ll make the wrong one. the anxiety is only going to get worse when the floor is being laid and the cabinets are installed and the walls are being painted, etc. 

i need to come to terms with the regrets i know i’ll have – everyone says you’ll at least have a couple… i’m trying so hard to keep them at a minimum. i need to come to terms with it being different than i envision, it very well could be exactly what i envision but it also could be different and may feel different than i image. i need to be prepared for that to not automatically be a bad thing. 

i’m nervous for the road blocks i haven’t prepared mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically for. 

the biggest thing i’m struggling with is the financial change. i will NOT ever ever  miss this house, EVER! but i will miss the rent payments vs the mortgage payments. *sigh* 

i think i’m feeling some growing pains; knowing full well they have only just begun and the pain will more than likely get worse. time to grow up a bit more! 


clown shoes

Posted: 02/24/2009 in lizzie faith, videos

lizzie faith was SO hilarious yesterday! i went to bed with my face hurting, i laughed so much! shwoo! i sure think she’s pretty cool! 🙂

my sister mentioned this lazy way of making this laundry soap that i had previously posted about here. i have all my ingredients and i’m trying to this today! i can’t wait to wash diapers and towels (not together of course!)


Do I win the award for Laziest Laundry Detergent Maker?!

I started out just grating the soap to make a powdered detergent. Then I realized that even that was too much work and aggravated my asthma with all the soap dust. So I’m back to melting it…without heat.


I don’t even heat the water to melt the soap anymore. I just cut it up into a few pieces and drop it into a plastic lidded pitcher (with the measuring lines on the side, no less) with 2qts of hot tap water. Within a few days it’s completely dissolved with no work on my part at all. 

I can pour it directly from the pitcher into a 1/4-1/2c measuring cup and dump that into the washer. Then I add in 1/2 to 1-1/2 T. of washing soda + Borax, kept in a lidded plastic container. For delicates such as a wool sweater, I just use the soap solution and no washing soda/Borax.

So my entire process consists of:
1) mixing Borax + washing soda in equal proportions and shaking it up, 
2) plopping a bar of soap into a graduated, lidded plastic pitcher. 

If I’m working ahead and have a second pitcher going, I don’t even have to cut up the bar of soap; it goes in whole! That’s what I do with my Fels-Naptha I use for pretreating stains: I stick a bar in a glass lidded jar and cover it with water. I use a toothbrush with that saturated solution to treat stains. It gets out almost everything, even better than Spray ‘n Wash, Oxyclean spray, Shout, or Zout.

Our clothes come out really clean and if I’m battling a particularly stinky load, I put in extra washing soda.

I am obviously thinking about trying her method– although for 30 minutes’ time and $2 I already have a stash of laundry cleaner that will last me about 2 months, so someone will have to remind me to plop the other half-bar of Kiss My Face into a pitcher of water in late February.