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Posted: 02/06/2009 in life

so valentines day is approaching. 

oh how i dread you. 

yep, i really do. 

you single ones out there thought us married ones out there loved valentines day and finally got what everyone longs for on valentines day, right? that’s what i thought… 

valentines day can be fun… i imagine we will do something. i think it will be sweet to get lizzie faith something too. that girl loves her chocolate alright! 

maybe it’s the hype  that bothers me so much. or how WRONG they are by assuming that taking your date out to eat and buying $100+ roses is all you have to do to show her your love… or that that is what love means… 

maybe it’s the expectation. eric expecting something from me that i didn’t think of giving. or me expecting something from eric that he didn’t think of. 

just seems like a whole lot of craziness. 

see, i don’t need much. i’m a quality time kinda girl. i don’t melt to nothing with flowers or a gift… i melt to nothing after a nice evening together at home relaxing. those nights i go to bed content as can be! 

i’ll stick with my lazy evenings chillin with just the three-of-us after a made-from-scratch meal and a homemade cookie watching Lost. now that’s the ideal valentines day! (and every other day of the year too!)

what are your plans for vday?