Posted: 02/06/2009 in life

so valentines day is approaching. 

oh how i dread you. 

yep, i really do. 

you single ones out there thought us married ones out there loved valentines day and finally got what everyone longs for on valentines day, right? that’s what i thought… 

valentines day can be fun… i imagine we will do something. i think it will be sweet to get lizzie faith something too. that girl loves her chocolate alright! 

maybe it’s the hype  that bothers me so much. or how WRONG they are by assuming that taking your date out to eat and buying $100+ roses is all you have to do to show her your love… or that that is what love means… 

maybe it’s the expectation. eric expecting something from me that i didn’t think of giving. or me expecting something from eric that he didn’t think of. 

just seems like a whole lot of craziness. 

see, i don’t need much. i’m a quality time kinda girl. i don’t melt to nothing with flowers or a gift… i melt to nothing after a nice evening together at home relaxing. those nights i go to bed content as can be! 

i’ll stick with my lazy evenings chillin with just the three-of-us after a made-from-scratch meal and a homemade cookie watching Lost. now that’s the ideal valentines day! (and every other day of the year too!)

what are your plans for vday?


  1. Bree says:

    we were going to go out with 2 other couples to eat and then stay in a hotel. a night away with friends:) BUT jared is now going to be gone to help out with the ice storm damage so i will be taking my boys out on a date instead:)

  2. Shonya says:

    I’m with you–it’s the day to day stuff that really counts to me. I used to get really disappointed when I had expectations for something special (don’t even ask me about our 10th anniversary! Whew! Talk about a fight!). Now I just value REAL love that is shown every day and don’t expect a big deal. (And sometimes he does the big deal so I’m surprised and it really means something! grin)

  3. God's Gentle Nurturer says:

    I’m a “take-the-trash-out-rake-the-snow-off-the roof-comfort-our-kids-when-they’re-sad-just-tell-me-ya-love-me” kinda girl. If Chris bought me flowers, I’d appreciate the thought but would know that it was a waste of money since they’ll be dead before long (which of course puts a damper on the moment). LOL Besides, Chris buys me my favorite chocolate bar nearly every time he goes to the convenient store. 😀

    I’d like a lazy evening in watching Lost any day too! 😀 hahaha

  4. Otto Mann says:

    down with valentines day!!!


    it’s all a sham. don’t buy into the hype!!!

  5. Britt says:

    I agree .. I think it’s our unspoken expectations that mess up the days that are supposed to be special. I know I sure made Kelly’s job so hard, expecting him to do and say things that just aren’t in his nature. How was he supposed to know?! Poor guy ..

    Thankfully after almost four (holy crow!) years, I’ve chilled .. God’s ground me down quite a bit
    =-) I’m better about telling him what I want, and making sure I don’t do my pouty thing when I don’t get it. And giving back .. I’d make such a big deal about me, and then never get him anything. How unfair!

    This year, I’m surprising him. =-) Nothing big, just a few things I know he’ll like.

    He bought our girls’ valentines last year .. it made me cry =-) I didn’t even say anything, he just did it because he wanted to make them feel special. Even though they had no idea what it was all about =-)

  6. jenifriend says:

    jeremy and i don’t celebrate v-day either…it’s just a little too unoriginal for me. a few weeks ago he bought me flowers because i’d had a rough day…that means more to me than an overpriced dozen of roses on valentines day anytime.

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