busy yet relaxing

Posted: 02/07/2009 in family, house

today i’m obsessively thinking about the two remaining quotes . one is  hefty one that is making me nervous… i have no idea how much it will be. i have a certain amount budgeted and i’m praying that it isn’t over that (i have a strong feeling it is :(). let’s just say, i really wish it were here!!!! 

today we are headed to an ag show in kirksville. eric’s motivation: they are giving about 2 100lb bundles of beef and eric wants his hands on it. lol my motivation: they have lots of other things there, eric even said maybe kitchen cabinets! i wanna see kitchen cabinets and windows!

we’ll be headed into home depot of course. probably to get another box of those set of 2  $15 lights that i like for the new house!! i think they are perfect for rooms like, bathrooms and laundry rooms! i want to look at the kitchen cabinets again WITHOUT that pesky salesman breathing down my neck, which his smell caused my daughter to go into a sneezing fit which was horribly awkward… i also want to look at their windows again… oh and water heaters. eric wants a $900 tankless and well i want the cheapest and the one that the electric company will give us a rebate of $200 for… 🙂 which would end up costing us about $150 instead of $900… wonder who will win?! 🙂 

we’ll be doing our usual grocery shopping and such… but the really fun part will be the floor to ceiling store… i haven’t been in to see their kitchen cabinets or windows and i’m very very curious what they have and have a strong feeling that just might be IT! 

i’m going to get a bit of tidying done this morning and hopefully get 100 more red strips stamped with a heart background (200 total for mc’s wedding thank-you’s… they are soooooooo cute! don’t ya wish you could see em, don’t ya, don’t ya! 🙂 you must wait! hehe)

it’s soooo gorgeous out! i can’t wait to get out there! it was so windy last night, did ya’ll notice that?! i was just laying in bed listening to the wind. i could feel the breeze (yes my windows were closed)… na that’s not true, but i was expecting to feel a breeze!

the best part about my day – we’re gonna spend the whole day as a family! 🙂 

happy saturday!



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