so many books!

Posted: 02/07/2009 in house

so the “ag” show was really a “home” show.
i’m so thrilled we went! even if we don’t win any of the 100 things we entered… 🙂
it was an over all good experience. lizzie slept in the sling the majority of the time.
i have many many pamphlets from home depot on colors and mixing colors to andersen windows to doors! we really made progress today!!!
we ended the day stepping out the 4 acres we decided on. 5 is A LOT! 🙂 and 4 is perfect for us! we are very excited. we decided after much deliberation that the house will be approx 125-150 ft from the gravel road in front of us that is more traveled (the gravel road to the side of us will probably be more like 40 ft but that is ok, it’s a dead end). the main yard will be in the back. not all of what is in front will be mowed… i’m very excited! standing on it, looking at the blue flags marking everything off… *sigh* it’s all so surreal. 

it’s really hard to tell depth. i was standing approx in the middle of our land and just took pictures around me. the red barn looks close but it really isn’t very close, probably from my house to the library apart… a city block or so.

i’m looking at these pictures and i didn’t take a picture off in the direction with the best view of rolling hills and tree lines. brother! oh well! you’ll just have to come see me and see it for yourself!! 🙂

  1. aj says:

    yes it is really hard to tell how big it is when it is just wide open. It will seem a lot bigger when you put stuff on it so you can gage how big it really is. We do need to come see you Henry has never been to your dom. 🙂

  2. stampit74 says:

    BIG *GRIN*! I am so HAPPY for you! This is awesome!!!
    Better start planting trees right now! hehe Ask Amanda about her dozen trees! lol

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