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25 things

Posted: 02/08/2009 in life

this list of 25 things about yourself has hit facebook HARD the past week or so! i thought i would rebel and do it on here. 🙂 

1. i pee too often in a day to wear a belt. (i only wear them when i leave the house as a must to keep my pants up!)

2. i *heart* hazelnut/vanilla/caramel breve’s. (it’s a latte made with half n half instead of milk) 

3. we’re building our home ourselves as soon as the ground thaws. (i’m sure that’s apparent by now! tee hee)

4. i absolutely LOVE wedding prep stuff. such as making wedding invitations, shower invites, anything of the sort and secretly dream of starting a handmade wedding invitation “business” or etsy store. the goal would be to make them for the same or less than the printed ones (depending on the style and detail but having that option available). 

5. i secretly dream of being a professional wedding coordinator. 

6.  i enjoy knitting. especially prayer wraps. wool felted slippers and lil stuffed animals.

7. i wish photography came more naturally to me or i had the energy to devote to it, what it is worth! i hope soon i will!!!

8. i prefer not to be surprised! (call before you “drop by” pleeeeease!)

9. i have mild to medium anxiety attacks too frequently. 

10. i believe conventional medicine does more harm than good. 😦  

11. my cellphone is a dinosaur. (well not quite but compared to the iphone and blackberry – it’s a dino!)

12. i am ready for another baby. 

13. i wish i were 1 inch taller. all the jeans/pants in my size are just 1 inch too long!

14. my right foot is almost an inch shorter than my left.

15. my right leg is significantly taller than my left. (from a snowmobile accident that wacked up my hip)

16. i don’t eat any form of pork or food dye. 

17. i secretly want a HUGE family like the duggars. 🙂 (well maybe not that HUGE! but i think 6+ spread out would be grand! and, keep this hush hush, but i’ve done the best with the square footage we can afford to make our new house function well for a larger family! 🙂 shhhh!) 

18. i obsessively check my email and facebook even when i KNOW there isn’t anything going on. 

19. i can’t do a cartwheel. 

20. i looooove go carts! 

21. i wish i would have followed through with piano lessons. i love the piano! 

22. i have my a.a.s. in sign language interpreting. 

23. i would LOVE to teach sign language classes to children and babies as  a side source of income.

24. i can’t stand my hair long. it just gives me shivers thinking about it.  

25. i am almost deaf! seriously! i can’t hear anything unless it’s LOUD! i say “WHAT?” aaaaall the time. just ask my hubby!! he HATES it and he’s not easily annoyed. he’s the most calm being in my life! this was a problem when i was interpreting!!!! one time my 1st grade “deaf” student signed to me what the teacher said. yea, bad deal!