a bit uneasy!

Posted: 02/09/2009 in house, icf (insulated concrete forms)

we need to have ALL the quotes done and plans ready in the next week or two. we’ve been speaking with an hvac guy for weeks now who we had planned on using. he just let us know he wasn’t going to be able to (which i respect! he has a family too! :)).

ahhhhh! so i feel like going crazy since one of our HUGE quotes isn’t in yet. *sigh* 

this just isn’t a typical house that you can use typical tonnage figuring to get unit size and such. we don’t feel like we can just call someone up and tell them the sq footage and window brand and count and get a quote. since many people don’t use icf’s to the trusses it’s not common for them to know that the tonnage figuring is not the same! if we get a unit that is too big then we aren’t saving on our monthly bills at all and it will typically cost us more! *sigh* this is not what the hvac guy wants to hear. the bigger the unit the more money he makes. typically they want to put two units in, 1 each floor. i’m not down with that either. 

i’ve been researching again this morning, hoping to find an icf home tonnage calculator. nope. but i did find an article quoting richard rue that said traditionally you figure 1 ton of air per 400 sqft and in an icf home you figure 1 ton of air per 750-1250 sq ft. HUGE difference!! if the unit short cycles (runs for a very short period of time more frequently) it will never run long enough to keep the humidity levels low enough in the house. (which is typically what people want in their homes, short cycles). we also need a fresh air exchange with a complete manual/electric shut off/damper and additional humidifiers dehumidifiers. 

how do we find an hvac guy who will do what we say and basically totally disregard everything he’s ever done or known…


  1. heathermama says:

    quick here… you meant DE-humidifies right?!

    also I guess eric will have to learn! 😉


  2. breanna says:

    yes! for pete’s sakes! i always say humidifiers instead of DEhumidifier!

  3. heathermama says:

    we are waiting on 2 quotes I think… electric/heating cooling/plumbing and our major one…. the skeleton! concrete, framing, roofing, tyvec….

    we just priced the flooring and we had accidently figured the *savings* price from the website instead of the price! YIKES! It doubled what we thought the flooring would cost! I hate when that happens! lol…

    so basically… even tho we didn’t have a *budget* per say… we are croaking anyway! ekkkkkkkk

  4. aj says:

    Ok so I just have to say I feel very thankful I am done. Good luck guys. 🙂

  5. heathermama says:

    I’m glad you are finished too aj! Whew! 🙂 and glad YOU WENT AHEAD of us! and are telling us the things you would change! Sure makes ME feel better!

  6. stampit74 says:

    I think this is over my head! I know this is over my head!
    I think air moves through our house at a high rate of speed…I know you don’t want that! lol

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