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so my floor samples came today. 

i pulled them out of the box and i’m pretty sure i gaged!

i don’t like the bamboo.

at. all.

i panic. 

then i calm down.

i don’t remember everything. but i think i ended up on the phone with heather and amanda somehow… oh, they both called me for different reasons and i ended up talking to heather about the floor. 

then, oh then, heather says, check unfinished flooring! 

ooooh YAY!! 


this is what i fell in love with. 

i mean, head. over. heals. 

it’s white pine. finished with just varnish, no stain. love love love it! don’t you!! 🙂 i think it has great character! 

mama is

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breanna thinks this is funny!
cry it out


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i could blog… but it would be a post full of complaints like:

i didn’t get to go to osky because i am sick.

my eyeballs hurt to move them. yep, eyeballs.

my throat burns,

my nose is on fire and stuffed up,

my body aches,

lizzie is sick too…

we’re stressed about house stuff and such.

my house needs vacuumed and the bathroom needs cleaned and

i don’t have enough energy to load the dishwasher of our dishes from last night.