Posted: 02/12/2009 in house

so my floor samples came today. 

i pulled them out of the box and i’m pretty sure i gaged!

i don’t like the bamboo.

at. all.

i panic. 

then i calm down.

i don’t remember everything. but i think i ended up on the phone with heather and amanda somehow… oh, they both called me for different reasons and i ended up talking to heather about the floor. 

then, oh then, heather says, check unfinished flooring! 

ooooh YAY!! 


this is what i fell in love with. 

i mean, head. over. heals. 

it’s white pine. finished with just varnish, no stain. love love love it! don’t you!! 🙂 i think it has great character! 

  1. jenifriend says:

    mmm white pine! that sounds beautiful. what was the matter with the bamboo? do tell, because it was a wood i was potentially interested in when we were looking at building.

  2. breanna says:

    hey jenifriend.
    this bamboo has a very plastic laminate look/feel.
    one of the samples, the vertical one:
    is very very yellow. it’s a strange color.
    the other one, the horizontal one: http://www.lumberliquidators.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=1921&categoryId=8&sectionId=2&subCategoryId=81
    has better coloring but why is it a different color. i have a strong feeling there is some variation in each of the strips/boxes and i would have very yellowish floors that look like laminate for the cost of much much more. not really what i was after.
    i’ve not looked at any other bamboo or ordered samples on anything else, only this right here (that i linked above).
    i’ve realized i do want more character/texture than what the bamboo has to offer. i’m sure my husband is sad, he now has to sand and varnish the floor i’ve picked instead of it coming prefinished and only laying it. 😦 but i feel much much happier with this decision.
    i think mostly it depends on what your expectation is for the bamboo. i grew up with hardwood floor and i didn’t realize that my expectation was still that it look like gorgeous traditional hardwood with lots-o-character…

  3. […] level out the knots and such… so far the only fault i can find in this vs. what i talk about here; which is white […]

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