lizzie + unmentionables

Posted: 02/13/2009 in lizzie faith, pictures

i think my mom is going to have a heart attack. 

these pictures are 3 days old. i wasn’t going to share them but… they are just too CUTE! i have to!!!

lizzie has a strange love for my *clears throat* unmentionables. 

she will insist i put them on her once she finds them in the drawer. she even has favorites.

i know, i know, therapy. i’m still searching for someone to take us on as patients. 


man, i forgot to remove the red eye!! do you see her posing! *shock* so funny! then she starts laughing at herself. 

oooh this girl! she just cracks me up!

  1. stampit74 says:

    we better get her some decent dress up clothes, PRONTO!

  2. Shonya says:

    TOO funny! I love the one of her laughing. What a hoot.

  3. Chelsea says:

    LOL!! Thats cute! Maybe that means…early potty training..

  4. Britt says:

    Those poses are too funny!! My girls do this too .. only with my bra’s, not my panties.

  5. aj says:

    Oh that is so funny, I love how it looks like she is thinking. Oh look at me I am just like my mom. Cute slippers too! 🙂

  6. MC says:

    hahahah! that’s fabulous!! 🙂 too funny

  7. I wish I could have been at your moms house when she LOOKED at this post!!! haha!!!!! to funny. The “posed” one was just TOO good!!!!!! how she will love these in about 15 years from now!!! lol

  8. jenifriend says:

    this is so funny! i think the one on the bottom left is my favorite…she is striking a pose and everything!

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