Posted: 02/17/2009 in life

after a week of this nasty nasty cold, i thought maybe relief was in site. it was for the cold, but then a whole slew of other problems/symptoms smacked me down, hard. :o| i feel better as the day progresses but this morning was rotten! i’m hopeful tomorrow will start out grand and finish triumph! (wishful thinking?? i think not!)

we had a wonderful time in osky yesterday with my family. lizzie faith is currently thumbing through her picture book of her cousins. i love that she is thinking about them even when we don’t see them as often as we’d like! (she got the book out this morning and sat down with it for a good 10 min and she is currently doing it for the third time today! think she misses them???? i do!)

i think i’m struggle with a tinge of depression – bare with me… when the day is silent and i’m left to think, i am bummed. i don’t think it has anything to do with the house or anything. it’s just that  it’s gloomy. it’s cold. it’s not fun to go out in. it’s hard being cooped up inside all day after a glimpse of spring and running around in the yard and walks around town… *sigh* i’m thankful for that glimpse but sure bummed it didn’t stick around!!!


  1. jenifriend says:

    oh no! the winter depression…run away from it breanna! i know exactly what you’re feeling…my momma gets the winter blues too! have you thought about bundling up and going outside to face the bite in the weather and finding reason to enjoy it for what it’s worth? we have the cold/winter for a reason after all…get out there and find something to enjoy about the gloomy winter!!

    on a side note, i hope you’re feeling better by the time i respond to this. i’m a firm believer of the benefits of vitamin c, and i can honestly say (for the second year in a row) i have not been sick despite everyone else around me having the stomach flu and various cold viruses. i double my vitamin c intake everyday when “cold season” rears its ugly head and have seen wonderful benefits from doing so.

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