quality of life

Posted: 02/18/2009 in abortion, family, parenting, spiritual growth, ukraine adoption

are you ready? i just stepped up on my soap box. 🙂 

i have a question… 

i’d like to have a healthy productive conversation about the quality of life. 

it seems to be popping up every where, reaching to every corner of my world currently.

this also seems to be in debate with abortionists/activists as well as the conventional medical community.

this could be a *new* debate. before we had machines and the ability to sustain (and create) life when life wasn’t there naturally (life support) this was never even an issue. this was not an “option”.

i struggle with this.

i do not want to be placed on life support. i know this is very controversial and usually most don’t agree.

please understand, i am not judging anyone or speaking about anyone. i understand, i have never been in these difficult situations before, which makes my thoughts, simply thoughts, not experiences. i believe experiences do change me and therefore my thoughts could change if the situation presented itself…

but left alone with my thoughts, this is how i feel.

i believe quality of life can not be determined by any party. i believe all life is created by God for a distinct purpose. i believe regardless of the circumstance; disabilities, impairments, birth defects, accidents… one’s life can be full and one can be fully capable of fulfilling God’s purpose for their life regardless. often times, i feel their life-purpose could not be fulfilled without the impairment… am i alone in this?? 

it seems in the medical community, they ask if you’d like testing done on your baby to see if everything is *normal*. some, if it isn’t *normal* begin to weigh the situation and decide if the pros outweigh the cons and if they will terminate the pregnancy or not. this is mind-blowing to me. 

the adoption world and the concept of life as a mother of children with disabilities/deformities is new to me, but i’m researching it a lot and these issues have affected close people in my life, not one of them would change their situation. not one of them would not adopt the child they adopted or wish they terminated a pregnancy. not one. why? because that child has and continues to bless their lives and others lives in more ways than we will ever know.

if we truly believe this, why are we still questioning “quality of life”…? we have absolutely no idea how one’s life will play out…

  1. jenifriend says:

    i think you bring up such a good point about this, breanna, and in all honesty it’s not something i’ve given much thought to. a good friend of mine chose not to have all of the suggested ultrasounds done during the course of her pregnancy because she knew that regardless of the outcome of the situation she would still bare her child, deformities, disabilities or not. i am with you that regardless of the circumstance, God has created a purpose for my child inside me for a reason. that reason may not be “normal” in societies eyes, but i guess it’s a good thing i don’t fare well with this modern traditionalism. 🙂

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