lazy homemade laundry soap

Posted: 02/24/2009 in favorites, recipes

my sister mentioned this lazy way of making this laundry soap that i had previously posted about here. i have all my ingredients and i’m trying to this today! i can’t wait to wash diapers and towels (not together of course!)


Do I win the award for Laziest Laundry Detergent Maker?!

I started out just grating the soap to make a powdered detergent. Then I realized that even that was too much work and aggravated my asthma with all the soap dust. So I’m back to melting it…without heat.


I don’t even heat the water to melt the soap anymore. I just cut it up into a few pieces and drop it into a plastic lidded pitcher (with the measuring lines on the side, no less) with 2qts of hot tap water. Within a few days it’s completely dissolved with no work on my part at all. 

I can pour it directly from the pitcher into a 1/4-1/2c measuring cup and dump that into the washer. Then I add in 1/2 to 1-1/2 T. of washing soda + Borax, kept in a lidded plastic container. For delicates such as a wool sweater, I just use the soap solution and no washing soda/Borax.

So my entire process consists of:
1) mixing Borax + washing soda in equal proportions and shaking it up, 
2) plopping a bar of soap into a graduated, lidded plastic pitcher. 

If I’m working ahead and have a second pitcher going, I don’t even have to cut up the bar of soap; it goes in whole! That’s what I do with my Fels-Naptha I use for pretreating stains: I stick a bar in a glass lidded jar and cover it with water. I use a toothbrush with that saturated solution to treat stains. It gets out almost everything, even better than Spray ‘n Wash, Oxyclean spray, Shout, or Zout.

Our clothes come out really clean and if I’m battling a particularly stinky load, I put in extra washing soda.

I am obviously thinking about trying her method– although for 30 minutes’ time and $2 I already have a stash of laundry cleaner that will last me about 2 months, so someone will have to remind me to plop the other half-bar of Kiss My Face into a pitcher of water in late February.

  1. jenifriend says:

    again i LOVE this idea! can’t wait to try this out!!

  2. T. Biggers says:

    I sent you an email today about your recipe for home made detergent. But after a little digging on your blog i found it. And….i have to say i’m totally stoked about trying out the OLIVE OIL soap. let me tell you why. About a year ago someone gave me 4 large bars of the KISS MY FACE Olive Oil soap b/c they didn’t like it. Well I tried it in the shower and though I felt clean i prefer something with a fragrance ie: lavender, tea tree, clove, pachouli, etc….so these bars stayed in my closet only to be unveiled for this purpose!! YAY ……:)

    I made another version of this laundry soap this week using ZOTE for the first time and i really don’t care for it but I’ll use it till its all gone …then i’ll try this. 🙂 I have my bar already soaking.

  3. breanna says:

    t. biggers, i hope you like it! i emailed you another version of this recipe that i’m using right now. i think i’ve made 3 or 4 different ways using the same ingredients trying to find my perfect mix! hope you like it! 😀

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