Posted: 02/25/2009 in house

this week i’m struggling with making big decisions. worried i’ll make the wrong one. the anxiety is only going to get worse when the floor is being laid and the cabinets are installed and the walls are being painted, etc. 

i need to come to terms with the regrets i know i’ll have – everyone says you’ll at least have a couple… i’m trying so hard to keep them at a minimum. i need to come to terms with it being different than i envision, it very well could be exactly what i envision but it also could be different and may feel different than i image. i need to be prepared for that to not automatically be a bad thing. 

i’m nervous for the road blocks i haven’t prepared mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically for. 

the biggest thing i’m struggling with is the financial change. i will NOT ever ever  miss this house, EVER! but i will miss the rent payments vs the mortgage payments. *sigh* 

i think i’m feeling some growing pains; knowing full well they have only just begun and the pain will more than likely get worse. time to grow up a bit more! 


  1. aj says:

    I don’t have any regrets sure a few things here and there would be nice if they were changed. I don’t love the way you get into the house from the garage but….. it isn’t that bad. Not perfect but no regrets. The kitchen is not what I always dreamed of mostly because the color of the walls is not the best but I didn’t pick it knowing it would be my dream kitchen. My dream kitchen is like a $50,000 kitchen, yep not happening anytime soon. I mean never. LOL Just remember that most of the things that you might not like can be changed just as easy in 10 years. It will never be just perfect but it will be yours and you will love it even if you would change a few things later.

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