here it is!

Posted: 02/25/2009 in house

*click on images to see full photo

i’m sure it doesn’t look like much to you. 

to me this represents so much. 

this is REALLY happening!!!! 

i see gorgeous deep wood cabinets with blackish countertop. cute black countertop height stools. my gorgeous table with black chairs. floor without 1 inch of shag-ness holding lots-o-grossness. wonderful WOOD andersen windows! YIPPY! (i especially LOVE the kitchen windows, three in a row like this)


gorgeous wall colors and tastefully white trim. 5 panel doors, closets, mud room… oh so much! if i can just get past the anxiety i realize i absolutely love everything i’ve decided on and will love it all installed too! 🙂 

most of all this represents my husband’s love for his family and his deep desires to care for us the best way he knows how! i feel very blessed.      

so all this as a “debut” of sorts of the actual official floor plans that i know you’ve been dying to see (deep down in side, i know you are sick of hearing about the house, but i am pretending like you care, just let me pretend ok! 🙂 ) picture-13

















the exterior style will look like this:

1509bfront (but diff colors, currently unknown)







  1. MC says:

    wow!! beautiful! i cant’ wait! 🙂

  2. heathermama says:

    believe it or NOT… i’m very jealous of your simple floor plan! It’s so usable! 🙂 It’s a great beginner house with SO MUCH potential!!!!! HUGS!

  3. Jessica says:

    I love it! I can’t wait to see the finished product…it should be beautiful!

  4. Amee Jones says:

    How fun! It’s like decorating your dollhouse. I hope all goes well.

  5. jenifriend says:

    this is a beautiful layout, breanna!! i can’t wait to see the progressive pictures of everything!!

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