Posted: 02/28/2009 in family, favorites

what a fun day with my loveys! 

lizzie had a blast yesterday!

we started the day out at the license bureau – yea somebody lost her license and thought it wise not to drive that distance without it. $12.50 a duplicate was printed. shwoo!! what a relief! 

we headed to osky and went to amanda’s first. 

once everyone arrived i hardly saw lizzie faith. i went looking for her a few times between 9:30ish and 11:30ish but she didn’t care about me AT ALL! once all the kids were upstairs and i realized this and panicked thinking for sure she managed to crawl up those steps by herself or with the help of attie or lili 😉 (we don’t have steps at home so this isn’t a mastered skill and attie & lilli are her best-big-girl pals!), nope she didn’t, she was content looking out amanda’s low windows (our windows aren’t as low as her’s so lf can’t see out so well). what a cutie! momma swelled at her obeying! (or she was oblivious to the big kids and was off doing her own thing the whole time, who knows, i was chattin!)

what fun to all get together! i enjoyed chattin with my sistas and the kiddos played!! they play SO well!!! time for more! LOL there were 7 children in that home (all under 9) and 3 adults chatted consistently for 2 hours!! all that child-training at home really pays off! 🙂 

we spent the afternoon at grammy’s and had a good nap in momma’s old bed and fun playin with henry! and got some good home decorating magazines too!!! 🙂 (thanks mom!)

we’re home and the house is back in order – it’s like it throws up on itself the evening we get home from a day in osky. 

thanks for a wonderful day away yesterday! i enjoyed every minute and i know lizzie faith did too!!! 🙂

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