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“i’m cute”

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la la la

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a very wise 12 yr old

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after posting this i got some tips! yay for learning from other people!!! h says, no need to cook it! yay! who wants to cook it!!! just let your soap dissolve on it’s own in the water… i’ll post more about it next week. my stores in kville didn’t have super washing soda *hello!!* so i have to wait til next week when i got to osky! crazy, i know! kville is bigger yet doesn’t have washing soda! strange!

so some of my favorite people have been making their own laundry soap. i wanted in too!!! i figured i best share this secret with the rest of my besties!! 🙂 off to the grocery store for 1 more ingredient! i can’t wait to make it!!!!

(click the link above or photo below for recipe) 



here we go

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this is my dizzy lizzie dancing to “here we go” by grits. 

i love how she gives herself a hand spontaneously. 🙂 

ya just can’t help but giggle!

are you ready? i just stepped up on my soap box. 🙂 

i have a question… 

i’d like to have a healthy productive conversation about the quality of life. 

it seems to be popping up every where, reaching to every corner of my world currently.

this also seems to be in debate with abortionists/activists as well as the conventional medical community.

this could be a *new* debate. before we had machines and the ability to sustain (and create) life when life wasn’t there naturally (life support) this was never even an issue. this was not an “option”.

i struggle with this.


sooo big

Posted: 02/17/2009 in lizzie faith

lizzie faith is sooo funny! 

it seems no big deal at all for her to sign two signs together. 

she signs “stinky”. it’s hilarious!!

she’s opening up so much to people and is not near as shy as she used to be. 

i love the look on her face when she gets to walk around walmart instead of ride in the cart. she *feels* like a big girl and knows she is one! like she dreamt about doing this since she was a baby!!! this week she even helped me select things from the shelves!

she says “nigh nigh” ALL the time! it’s very cute! it’s my favorite!! 

well maybe not my all time favorite. not much beats mini signing hands.

this girl can DANCE! oh it’s so precious! she’s a very shy dancer… when the camera comes out… it’s not near as cute as it is when it’s just her daddy and i watching. 

she has decided sucking on sippy cups is acceptable but still chews on them to get the milk out too. 

she stomps her foot to get your attention (not cool! and we’re working on this, but it is still cute!)

gma penny got eric and i the live stomp dvd. lizzie faith LOVES it. she walks around stomping her feet, clapping her hands, and slapping her hands on her thighs. very cute! this girls got rhythm! she watches it and dances to it, i caught her trying to mimic them at one point… 

she will be 17 months old in a few days… *sigh*