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Posted: 03/03/2009 in house

anxious for:

lights in the ceiling

a well light home (vs darkness looming in every corner)

hardwood floors

lower utility bills (and a high mortgage ūüėČ = a give and take)

rustic decor and style


new cupboards with auto closure (vs ones that close only with 100lb of pressure)

dark countertop  (not white which shows everything)

true mud-room

a furnace which long cycles for high efficiency 

a view of rolling hills (traded in for a view of a row of blue storage sheds)

a stamp/craft/school room

clean door knobs

a new shower

new faucets that do not leak or have years of corrosion

an apron kitchen sink (hopefully!)

a bar for cooking while baby is content close by momma in a booster seat

a home that we call our own


it feels so close yet so far away… what will it take to get there…¬†

this post for my own future reference when it gets so stressful i forget why we would embark on such a journey and for the day i take advantage of  my blessings.


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a friend of mine showed me this video 

i’d like to share something with you real quick. i am not an advocate for eating raw. i’m an advocate for eating unprocessed foods. what i believe that to mean is fruits, veggies, beef, chicken and keeping grain at the most 1/3 of my diet and keeping sugar intake to a minimum. i believe beef is vital and under no terms so i suggest someone not eat beef. ūüôā follow your own convictions!

the concept of this video is what i’m excited about. the fact that eating WHOLE FOODS cured them of diabetes! this is what i think is the important message here. that the choices we make daily form our lives and the quality of our lives.


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my sister sent me this planner freebie download this morning.


i feel blessed! this is a great resource! i’m really impressed with it!

chore chart

Posted: 03/03/2009 in family, lizzie faith

you are thinking, “she’s thinking about a chore chart!?”


yeppers, i am! 

i was snooping around simplemom¬†this morning and i liked the one she had made. although i haven’t done anymore looking, so not sure if this one is anything grand or not. but i like it.¬†

lizzie faith is a super big helper. everyday she helps me unload the dishwasher and put dishes away. if the dish/pan is on her level she puts it away herself (i didn’t not teach her this, she just started doing it a few months ago) and if she can’t reach it’s intended destination she hands it to me. it’s a big help. i stay by the cupboards and she is my runner to the dishwasher and back! ūüôā¬†

she helps me put the wet washed cloths in the dryer and also pulls them out of the dryer and puts them in a basket. 

she folds laundry (rolls it up into a ball or tube and hands to be me the BIGGEST smile!) . ¬†she also puts away all the cloths at her level (socks, undies…)¬†

she folds wipes and hands them to me to place in the diapers when i fold them and also helps me put them away. 

we need to do better in one particular area and that’s picking up toys!!!!! she’s young, i know – but why not start now (especially since she has it memorized where stuff goes in the kitchen!!!), maybe it will make it easier when she’s two!!!¬†

i think we can handle a chore chart!