Posted: 03/03/2009 in house

anxious for:

lights in the ceiling

a well light home (vs darkness looming in every corner)

hardwood floors

lower utility bills (and a high mortgage ūüėČ = a give and take)

rustic decor and style


new cupboards with auto closure (vs ones that close only with 100lb of pressure)

dark countertop  (not white which shows everything)

true mud-room

a furnace which long cycles for high efficiency 

a view of rolling hills (traded in for a view of a row of blue storage sheds)

a stamp/craft/school room

clean door knobs

a new shower

new faucets that do not leak or have years of corrosion

an apron kitchen sink (hopefully!)

a bar for cooking while baby is content close by momma in a booster seat

a home that we call our own


it feels so close yet so far away… what will it take to get there…¬†

this post for my own future reference when it gets so stressful i forget why we would embark on such a journey and for the day i take advantage of  my blessings.

  1. Ali says:

    Sounds like you are doing some renovations! My husband and I went through that late last year! Thanks for visiting The Honeymoon Phase today! I really appreciate your comment. ūüôā Have a great day!

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