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Posted: 03/09/2009 in life

the results are in. 

this is what happened.

*dramatic music playing*

the car was towed to the shop this weekend.

the mechanic worked on it today. 

eric called to request the grieving news of what was horribly wrong with our potentially explosive car.

(i give you permission to forever make fun of me and label my knowledge of cars even more pathetic than before.)

it was out of coolant.


yea, you heard me.


you know the stuff.

it’s kind of important when you run your ac.

it was a beautiful day. warm even. 

just cuz this story had to have another cherry on top… 

it wasn’t smoke. nope, no smoke whatsoever coming from the vents.

it was DUST! 

yea, dust! 

oh. my. goodness.!!!!

the mechanic said he cleaned a lot of dust out of some pipe or hose and to make me feel better said it was a considerable amount of dust and it would have been very smelly.

it was.

$40 later, an unnecessary tow (and bumper damaged from towing), my car is fine. perfectly fine.  

nuff said.

potty time?

Posted: 03/09/2009 in lizzie faith, pictures

this girl is driving me crazy. this has been going on for a week or so. 

she is completely intolerant of a wet diaper and even after training she still pulls the diaper off. even when she knows there is a consequence. we are working on the words and signs for her to tell me when she is wet. she had this down before but we stopped working on it and it’s gone. 😦 

we are going to start sitting on the potty before baths, after naps and a few other random times in the day when i know she pee’s. go figure, but she will sit in a poppy poopy diaper for an hour without telling me (if my radar doesn’t catch it sooner which it usually does).

here she is – all cute on the pot reading one of her favorite books!

can you wrap a brain?

Posted: 03/09/2009 in house

alrighty, thinking realistically. can you wrap your brain around this???!

eric told me in order for the ground to thaw it needs to be above freezing and fairly warm for two weeks. 

so does your ten-day forecast read the same as mine for this area? 

alrighty bank! hurry up! let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! or we are going to go without you!!! 

LOL now that’s just funny! they know we can’t! gr! 


i wrote the above, then really looked at it… look at the LOWS! 😦 what a let down!