can you wrap a brain?

Posted: 03/09/2009 in house

alrighty, thinking realistically. can you wrap your brain around this???!

eric told me in order for the ground to thaw it needs to be above freezing and fairly warm for two weeks. 

so does your ten-day forecast read the same as mine for this area? 

alrighty bank! hurry up! let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! or we are going to go without you!!! 

LOL now that’s just funny! they know we can’t! gr! 


i wrote the above, then really looked at it… look at the LOWS! 😦 what a let down!

  1. Heather says:

    Ben just keeps telling me … *it’s still march honey*… 🙂 hugs

  2. Heather says:

    It’s perfect weather for making Maple syrup… 🙂 go find a maple tree! hehehe

  3. breanna says:

    march it is! 😛

  4. aj says:

    It won’t be long….. and this is the BEST March we have had in a long time. It is normally such bad weather on my birthday either snow or so much ice we have no power. I would say it will be soon 🙂 Then you will be watching the weather and praying for NO rain. Oh the joys.

  5. I just have to laugh at the title of this post…..”Can you wrap a brain” ???? funny. Sounds like your moms ATC. “Can you die of love?” lol

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