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our church runs a few ads a year in our local shopper which hits up several counties and usually draws a crowd. i’m working on some sermon series flyers and bulletin inserts today. the ads are usually a combo of all of the flyers and inserts. i’m not a graphic artist/designer, although i’d like to be! my “eye” needs some nurturing… to put it nicely. 

here’s what i did today. of course my favorite is the green one. but i hear it’s too feminine (and shows a bit too much shoulder). 🙂 and more girls already know how to pray (supposedly) so we’re trying to hit up the guys. so the “guy” picture is how it ended up. 



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this is super yummy!









a tad more time consuming than pizza, but the pay-off is just so great!

this is my sister heather’s recipe!! 
i like rhodes frozen bread dough


thaw a loaf, divide in 3’s (for huge one’s or 5th’s for say two per person size)

roll out in circle

put a layer of sauce and toppings

fold in half

seal edges WELL

butter top

place on stone

poke/slice breathers in top to prevent explosion

bake on 425 for 15 min or so


i like it, cuz it can be personalized! and i can have CHEESE!!! and eric can have loads and loads of hamburger!

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dsc02542so you should check it out!!! you could win! well, actually you can’t because i’m gonna!