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hush hush

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brace yourself! 

this is a topic that one shouldn’t blog about! 

well maybe that’s someone’s opinion, but this chick is a pretty open soul! 

the thought of this benefiting someone is what makes it impossible for me to hold my tongue. 

keeper of the home blogged about it today. i really enjoy her blog! check her out!

after reading her post i decided to check out my mom and sisters introduced me to the book taking charge of your fertility or read online. it’s definitely a good read and very informative. there is so much on the website as well though, you may or may not feel like you need the book. 

i started using the charts from the book when we first got married. i grew frustrated very quickly. what you do, is when you wake up from 3 solid hours of sleep you take your temperature and chart it on a graph below. 

here is an example chart. 





the phase to the right of the red vertical line is your luteal phase. (day 1 of the chart is the day you start your period, the “m” and “*” in blue are indicating your flow, this is when reading up on the website and the book are helpful!)  ok back to where i was, the luteal phase is the period between ovulation and the start of your period. mine could be anywhere from 10 days to 30 days long. see how on 10/7 it jumps up a tad and then on 10/8 is really jumps up and then remains up until  10/14, if you are pregnant that temperature will stay high. if it stays high for 18 plus days, then you are pregnant. mine wouldn’t be as high as this chart here but it would stay medium high for A LOT of days. we weren’t *trying* to get pregnant but the thought of it just happening was so exciting to me! i longed to be home with children SOON at that point but wasn’t to the *trying* stage and never really wanted to be there in the first place. so i quit after dealing with this for a year, i was like – DONE! the next month i was then pregnant and i’m so sad i don’t have it to say, look lizzie faith! here you are! 🙂 it just would have been neat for me, for some strange reason! like an unconventional pregnancy test. the reward to all the frustration i had charting the previous months. it also would have been extremely helpful in determining a due date! (i went 4 weeks over my appointed “due date”!)

i’m ready to start this again! i am at the point where i’m getting 3 solid hours of sleep now at some point in the wee-morning hours where i could take my temp and it be accurate. (there are some more specifics so be sure and research thoroughly how you are supposed to do this, there is a method to achieve success) like keeper of the home said on her blog today is how this a good way to determine how healthy you are. i supplement with with herbs, minerals and take homeopathies and consider my actions to be healthy – eating wise, no preservatives, hydrogenated fats, black pepper, etc. BUT like i said above, i struggle with long luteal phases. 

the only thing that i did different the month i quit charting was taking a good vitamin a daily. which inabled my body to have the appropriate luteal phase. i’ve been doing this ever since. you may say, your daughter is 18 months old and you are just now at the point of having regular periods. he he yep! a benefit to having a baby who frequently nurses. i was without a period including the pregnancy for 1 month shy of 2 years. so now it’s time to start charting again! i’m excited! since getting my cycle back i’ve counted days and have done very well. i haven’t been charting so i do not know how long my luteal phases are, but my cycle lengths are only 28-32 days vs 45-60ish days long – which tells me my luteal phases are normal. YAY! so i’m very anxious, suddenly, to see what’s going on by charting! and to see what my body is deficient in (besides what i already know)…

this is a wonderful, safe way to avoid pregnancy if you are wanting to achieve that or a way to maximize your chance of becoming pregnant. this is you taking action and not taking an “out” that only messes with one’s cycle and hormones but that you can also get pregnant on and have forced miscarriages, which just breaks my heart! this is an informative way to maintain a healthy cycle and full cleansing menstruations (because with bc’s you aren’t having healthy cleansing cycles… just forced bleeding). it really is a win win!!! 

one thing that i really really want to try out and have documented is, in the book she talks about determining the sex of the baby. if you have intercourse a 3-5 days before you ovulate, then it’s a girl if you have intercourse the day before you ovulate, it’s a boy. how interesting is that?! want more info, you’ll just have to read that chapter. 🙂 it was right for us! 

let me know if you decide to try it! it would be fun to do it together! 🙂

shopper ad

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what do you think?? does it catch your eye? is the information you need first what grabs your attention first? to give you some sizing perspective this is 11’x11′ and the entire front page of the shopper.