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this is one of her favorite things.

we taught gena and attie the last time we were in osky and we had a wonderful time doing it. ¬†tonight attie called for a reminder movie. here is what we made, just for you attie! ūüôā wish we could be there signing it with you guys!!

today i decided i wanted to do some researching. 

i can’t fix what i’d like to fix.¬†

i can’t do anything about it.¬†

but i can educate myself as much as possible so i can make informed decisions for myself and my family. 

this is very intriguing. 

statistics are unreal. 

this cycle must stop.

this just can’t be. 565,650 deaths in 2008 from cancer is too high. what is going on?¬†

we’re missing something.

have to be.

please know, i  mean well. please do not become offended by any of my words or research. i'm simply on a journey 
of figuring this out. i'm not judging anyone or pointing fingers. i'm just doing what i like to do, researching 
and learning. i'm documented it here for my future references, for my children's future reference, and just in 
case it is of some assistance to someone who needs it.