spin spin sugar baby for attie

Posted: 03/13/2009 in lizzie faith, videos

this is one of her favorite things.

we taught gena and attie the last time we were in osky and we had a wonderful time doing it.  tonight attie called for a reminder movie. here is what we made, just for you attie! 🙂 wish we could be there signing it with you guys!!

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks Auntie B….. Mama couldn’t remember the song.. and I wanted to sing and dance with Gena!

    We love the video!!!

  2. MC says:

    too precious! love it!

  3. stampit74 says:

    mom! I can’t find the note! That’s what she was saying! lol
    This is so fun, she is so full of expression! Love how she looks at you….
    the singing…so fun!

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