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so i’ve been thinking still. this is a lot to digest so i imagine i’ll be thinking about it all for some time now. 

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so a dear friend commented and said something like she didn’t think it was that simple – well that got me thinking… what if it were, what would happen? (and i was going to just reply to the comment and then it was a novel!) but i can’t help but think, what if? for the sake of my life or my husband’s or my child’s … this hits home all too often!!!!

what would happen if it were as simple as this doctor says? 

here’s what i found. 

3483 people a day are diagnosed with cancer in the u.s.

1479 people die from cancer everyday. 

303,824,640 people live in the united states as of june 2008. (approx 11,000 babies are born each day and 6,744 die each day – you do the math to see how many people live here now. LOL) 

2,461,560 die in the united states each year. 

539,835 is how many people die each year from cancer.

1/4 of deaths in the united states are caused by cancer. 


here’s what i’m thinking. 

3,483 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. all of those people receive treatment. of course depending on what kind of cancer and such depends on what kind of  treatment, how long, etc. 

when i asked the question, how much does chemo and radiation cost? here is what i got. 

My radiation therapy for breast cancer ran about $20-25,000 (USD). However, radiation therapy for other types of cancers may be completely different. I had 33 treatments of external beam radiation.


Over the ten-year period studied, the average cost of breast cancer treatment increased $4,189 to $20,964. The average cost of treating prostate cancer increased $5,435 to $41,134, while the average cost of lung cancer treatment went up $7,139 to $39,891.
These are 7 year old prices so I am sure it is even more.


I went thru cervical cancer in 2006 – had 6 weeks of daily radiation, chemo those Fridays, and then surgery. All in all, it would’ve run about $350k without insurance.

One shot of chemo cost $10,000


i don’t think it’s necessary to do the math and figure out what would happen to our economy if the 12 cents per tumor of sodium bicarbonate cured cancer. the medical industry would be in big big trouble financially. the industry that was just labeled one of the two untouchable industries in this falling economy (the funeral homes and the hospitals). 

no wonder the media won’t promote this information. 

even IF it is true, aren’t the people’s lives more important than money!!!!!! why isn’t this even looked at or investigated? with all the talk of cancer, why haven’t we heard about this method (which research shows is a non-cancer causing treatment, vs chemo and radiation which are both cancer causing treatments). *sigh* i have a lot of questions… with no one to answer.