what happens if it is that simple…

Posted: 03/14/2009 in health

so i’ve been thinking still. this is a lot to digest so i imagine i’ll be thinking about it all for some time now. 

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so a dear friend commented and said something like she didn’t think it was that simple – well that got me thinking… what if it were, what would happen? (and i was going to just reply to the comment and then it was a novel!) but i can’t help but think, what if? for the sake of my life or my husband’s or my child’s … this hits home all too often!!!!

what would happen if it were as simple as this doctor says? 

here’s what i found. 

3483 people a day are diagnosed with cancer in the u.s.

1479 people die from cancer everyday. 

303,824,640 people live in the united states as of june 2008. (approx 11,000 babies are born each day and 6,744 die each day – you do the math to see how many people live here now. LOL) 

2,461,560 die in the united states each year. 

539,835 is how many people die each year from cancer.

1/4 of deaths in the united states are caused by cancer. 


here’s what i’m thinking. 

3,483 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. all of those people receive treatment. of course depending on what kind of cancer and such depends on what kind of  treatment, how long, etc. 

when i asked the question, how much does chemo and radiation cost? here is what i got. 

My radiation therapy for breast cancer ran about $20-25,000 (USD). However, radiation therapy for other types of cancers may be completely different. I had 33 treatments of external beam radiation.


Over the ten-year period studied, the average cost of breast cancer treatment increased $4,189 to $20,964. The average cost of treating prostate cancer increased $5,435 to $41,134, while the average cost of lung cancer treatment went up $7,139 to $39,891.
These are 7 year old prices so I am sure it is even more.


I went thru cervical cancer in 2006 – had 6 weeks of daily radiation, chemo those Fridays, and then surgery. All in all, it would’ve run about $350k without insurance.

One shot of chemo cost $10,000


i don’t think it’s necessary to do the math and figure out what would happen to our economy if the 12 cents per tumor of sodium bicarbonate cured cancer. the medical industry would be in big big trouble financially. the industry that was just labeled one of the two untouchable industries in this falling economy (the funeral homes and the hospitals). 

no wonder the media won’t promote this information. 

even IF it is true, aren’t the people’s lives more important than money!!!!!! why isn’t this even looked at or investigated? with all the talk of cancer, why haven’t we heard about this method (which research shows is a non-cancer causing treatment, vs chemo and radiation which are both cancer causing treatments). *sigh* i have a lot of questions… with no one to answer.


  1. Chelsea says:

    You really should read “Natural Cures “they” don’t want you to know about” by Keven Trudeau.. From what I’ve read, he talks a lot about how its all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! and that $$ is more important than the ppl dying. The FDA even approved some medicines out there that THEY KNOW will kill people but will only put it on recall til someone complains/lawsuit about it… SAD.. I’ve thought about starting a blog about this book but I can barely do the 101 books. lol.. I haven’t got to read the natural cures book in a while but would love to get started back up on it. IMO its an eye-opening book and that is just with the first 35 pages out of 563 pages!

  2. Heather says:

    well last time I checked, yeast, fungus, mold and immune failure aren’t simple to treat. It may sound simple and it isn’t about changing the diet. it’s about changing the way we see how everything affects our system. For some it boils down to even leaving their homes because there home is not a safe place to live!

    this topic is so deep…. so challenging and so….. emotional…. full of people and LIVES….

    we currently have two family members battling cancer (Ben’s grandparents) the traditional way. It’s really hard to watch…. I can’t imagine being in their shoes…..hugs to you all!

    I love the documentary… crazy sexy cancer! rocked my world!

  3. Heather says:

    also I think the point is… what is the ROOT of this epidemic and HOW CAN WE STOP IT!? I mean it isn’t about how to CURE it …. as much as it is HOW TO PREVENT IT?!!!!!

    what is the CAUSE and who is feeding this…. and what contributes to it’s nature and how come some people can cure it at home… and others not?? how come some respond to traditional treatment and others not?!

    question question…. not just the treatment… but the disease… and the root… and the nature…. and even the people behind the disease….

    how about Laetrile. It’s a drug made and is being used in other countries to CURE cancer… however it isn’t available to the US without purchasing from other countries due to the fact that it’s made out of apricot pits… and it can’t be patented! so no one would sell it! http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Laetrile.html

    there is are so many things laced with this topic… so many more things to share….
    ps sorry for the typos…. congested head! lol

  4. Lindsey says:

    I’m not sure what to think about the cancer topic you brought up. It does make you think about what’s going on. However, I do agree that most parts of the medical industry just want to make money. It’s really sad!! There was a radio program on NPR this past week that talked about insurance companies going out of their way to deny coverage to people who need it the most. I’ve never understood how they can deny sick people coverage. That is crazy. That is why people pay for insurance in the first place. Shame on them. All because they don’t want to loose money. And then, if you go to a hospital and have a procedure done, that procedure will cost you a different price depending on what kind of insurance you have. And if you don’t have insurance you could end up paying way more than the folks who do. I know insurance companies can bargain with the hospitals but that doesn’t seem fair to those who don’t have insurance or to those who have insurance with a smaller company with less bargain power. Sorry to rant, it just seems like the medical industry is just out to make money. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

    Breanna, you and Heather are slowly going to conform me to your side of thinking in regards to the medical world!! 🙂 I do think it would be interesting if doctors were trained to use both medicine and herbal remedies/natural cures. It seems like if they could combine forces than that could potentially be the best of both worlds. Though, what would the drug companies do if doctors didn’t prescribe all that medicine?

  5. breanna says:

    thanks for your thoughts and comments.
    with the way the medical industry seems to be going, i really feel like it’s becoming a monster… a monster too out of control to ever turn around. but the more of a monster it becomes, the more people stop and take a step back, so then maybe there is still hope?? but i sure don’t want them touching my “remedies” and trying to control them like they do pharmaceuticals – so i am torn. 🙂
    lindsay, i’m all about informed choices… i made some choices when pregnant with lizzie that i thought was “the best of both worlds” and soon realized there was no such thing (for me) and it was only the medical world and nothing combines with them. very frustrating! i have very mixed feelings about this for sure!! as long as the government is involved it really feels like there is no true solution. i guess just like there will always be public schools and home schooler’s there will be home health-er’s and hospitals. 🙂
    heather you make a very good point, as always… (although i didn’t mean that it was “simple to treat” even though that is exactly what i said… 🙂 i really meant what if chemo and radiation isn’t IT at all… kwim???) what causes it is much harder to deal with then what to do to kill it. a pill to swallow is much easier than selling a beloved home because of mold. those life altering decisions are very hard. but in my mind, chemo and radiation are terrible too! i remember you talked about that apricot pit before! very neat! but horrible how it’s being treated!

  6. jenifriend says:

    this is difficult topic for me to speak about because we just lost my HTB’s father to colon cancer 14 months ago. a dear friend of mine lost his life to leukemia when we were very young (he was 16) and he lived an organicly healthy lifestyle with no medical intervention about even the small things…so it’s difficult for me to determine exactly what could be the culprit for such cancers. do i believe it could be environmental…perhaps…but the kind of medical technology we have these days to see problems such as cancer in the body wasn’t around many years ago when people were dying unexpectedly for no reason at all. i don’t think it would be safe for me to presume that cancer wasn’t around even when medical technology didn’t have a way to view it.

    in saying all of that, i am a huge medical industry skeptic when it comes to how they treat such things. i go as far (are you ready for this?) as believing the medical industry and government have a cure for aids. but…they make waaay too much money off of people dying and needing their medications to really provide such an antecdote.

    there’s my skepticism for you! 🙂

  7. Britt says:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’d be awesome if something as simple as baking soda could cure a tumor. But like Heather said, it isn’t so much about the treatment as it is about the cause. We all know smoking is a huge health risk, but many people don’t know any others .. because smoking is such a huge money maker on both sides of the coin.

    For me, I guess it just doesn’t seem like it could be that simple for everyone just because nothing is that simple. Every person is different, and bodies respond differently to all kinds of treatments. I don’t think chemo and radiation are the be all and end all, and no one who has gone through those treatments could be accused of taking the easy way out. The sodium bicarbonate solution does seem promising, but as his own statistics state, it doesn’t work for everyone.

    I approach everything from a more negative view, working my way to a solution from the bottom to the top =-) So if my comment sounded negative, that’s partially why.

    It also may have sounded negative because it is such an emotional topic. For those who have experienced it closely, it’s easy to ignite the passions =-)

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