a wedding

Posted: 03/15/2009 in creative

yesterday’s wedding was amazing! i’ve never been to a wedding where EVERYTHING i loved and it all could have been at mine (and some of it was), fitting in beautifully! it was gorgeous! it was vintage and full of character. here are a few pics i captured. (my battery was dying so i was having a really really hard time getting anything good!) 


  1. sarah n says:

    that looks fabulous! Did you get any of Erin?? What a pretty wedding!

  2. jenifriend says:

    ooh i just love looking at weddings these days!! were those the wedding favors sitting on top of the plates?

  3. breanna says:

    they were munchies. party mix, some pretzels dipped in chocolate… all in a cupcake/muffin liner thingy! cute, huh!!! everyone snacked while we waited for the bride/groom to finish greeting everyone and while the meal was being served…

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