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Posted: 03/17/2009 in icf (insulated concrete forms)

today was a pretty exciting day for us! 

i’m happy to present: 713 {seventhirteen construction} specializing in icf’s


eric officially became a dealer for insulated concrete forms with GreenBlock. of course he’ll be working with his dad building custom homes and remodels but he now specializes in icf basements / homes / offices… he doesn’t just install them like he did before but the forms and everything can be purchased directly through eric now. 

we’re pretty excited! 🙂 

our house will have these forms to the trusses; our home will be a show house open for viewing by appointment only.

{for quotes email eric directly at}


Posted: 03/17/2009 in learning, spiritual growth

this week we have a guest speaker at our church, ben merold. i’m so impressed by him.

last night ben preached 6 laws of nature. 

6 laws of nature

1. we reap what we sow. 

2. we reap  more than what we sow. 

3. we reap later what we sow. 

4. ignorance of what you sow is no excuse. 

5. you have to sow in your area of need. 

6. you have to sow everything in order to reap something. 

this was huge to me. yes i knew this. but had i ever really really thought about it? nope! 

check it.

1) if you plant/sow corn, you’ll reap corn. that’s a given right. 

2) farmers, get this concept. of course the driving force to sow is for the reaping. 

3) so i expect that whatever i sow will be reaped fairly soon from the sowing, nope, it’s whenever God wants it to be. it’s not the first sunday of everything month or whenever we deem it to be time. 

4) all this technology and having all these resources at our fingertips may have a down fall or two; we are now responsible with the stuff we learn or the knowledge we have. we can’t play the “ignorance” card. 

5) so say my area of need is money. if i don’t sow in the area of money (giving money), i will not reap in the area of money! he told a story of a lady who was very poor and said she never was given money. and he asked her if she ever gave money and she said she never had much to give… -give a little then…