Posted: 03/17/2009 in icf (insulated concrete forms)

today was a pretty exciting day for us! 

i’m happy to present: 713 {seventhirteen construction} specializing in icf’s


eric officially became a dealer for insulated concrete forms with GreenBlock. of course he’ll be working with his dad building custom homes and remodels but he now specializes in icf basements / homes / offices… he doesn’t just install them like he did before but the forms and everything can be purchased directly through eric now. 

we’re pretty excited! 🙂 

our house will have these forms to the trusses; our home will be a show house open for viewing by appointment only.

{for quotes email eric directly at}

  1. simplyaltered says:

    yeah!!! that sounds very exciting for both of you!!!!! I will watch the work in progress and plan on learning much more!!!!!

  2. tim Sparks says:

    Very exciting!
    So it is fitting the blocks are Green since it is St. Patrick’s Day…
    So are the blocks really green??

  3. stampit74 says:

    This calls for a CELEBRATION!!!! Congratulations! AND love the name!

  4. breanna says:

    lol nope, dad they aren’t green actually! which i’m kinda glad! otherwise i would be wanting you to EIFS them really quick! 🙂

  5. aj says:

    YEA!! Congrats you guys!! Very exciting 🙂

  6. jenifriend says:

    i am so excited for you guys!! extend a congrats to your hubby!! btw how did you get a “contact me” to set up directly with your email address? email me and let me know??

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