Posted: 03/18/2009 in house

oh my goodness! the appraiser was just requested YESTERDAY! his office called this morning and want to meet with us TODAY! wow! yesterday i was so bummed. i thought the appraiser was requested 2-3 weeks ago and when i found out he wasn’t i was so bummed knowing we would have to wait another 2 weeks before we could have an appointment. nope! just 13 hours or so. 🙂 

today he will meet us at our house now and go over our plans (i must clean NOW) and quotes and then we’ll take him out to the land (i hope it isn’t raining then!). i feel like i don’t know anything about this part of the process. i’ve asked a million questions for every other part but i don’t have much info on this part, which makes me more nervous. i don’t know what to expect. am i over prepared? under prepared? did i forget something? what if i don’t remember to ask all my questions…. i wonder when we will know how much he thinks it’s worth. i don’t want it to be too much because the property taxes will be crazy outrageous! but not enough is not good too… oh i could go on forever! 

think he would let me take his picture for my blog? 

(just joking! …i am tempted though!! but i would never!)

  1. jenifriend says:

    i am so excited for you breanna!! before you know it we’ll be sharing and collaborating ideas on our homes together! yay for new internet friends!!

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