Posted: 03/18/2009 in lizzie faith, pictures

isn’t that what these bags are called??? lizzie faith snatched it the moment mary catherine walked in the door. she loooves purses but this one, well this one was the best yet! 🙂 it was almost the size of her and heavy too, but she didn’t mind… she still pulled it/carried it around all day! 


  1. MC says:

    haha, I was wondering if you were going to blog about that. I had to tell everyone how in love with my purse she was. It was too funny…i told Pat if I could find a little one that wa red like that and add some jingly stuff to it, I’d so be getting her that as the flowergirl gift! So I’m on the hunt for it! I’ll probably have to fill it with some heavier stuff so she likes it! haha! 🙂

  2. stampit74 says:

    all these heavy bags will get her in shape for carrying a baby around someday!!! cutie pie!

  3. jenifriend says:

    my niece is the same way but with shoes. she always puts on my heels and tries to walk around in them…it just makes my heart melt!!

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