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i challenge you

Posted: 03/20/2009 in abortion

to send at least ONE maybe you can go above and beyond and send TEN – at least send one, please…

(thank you, amanda for the reminder)

ho hum

Posted: 03/20/2009 in house, life, lizzie faith, spiritual growth

it’s been a while since i’ve just chatter blogged about nothing… i’m sure you’ve missed my random posts about nothing. just positive you have. i just want to extend my sincerest apologies for not blabbing on and on about absolutely nothing to you in such a long time. 


this week has been pretty busy. normally i have a couple days a week i have nothing planned and can just “be”. nope, not this week! this week everyday had one or two things scheduled. shwoo! i’m tired! going from hardly leaving the house to leaving the house twice a day! 

the car went in to the shop today to get fixed. i hope they finish it today. besides, it’s only a hose right?! (i sure hope so!)

i’ve started a beth moore bible study with a  group of ladies in our area called “stepping up”. wow it’s good! we are studying the 15 psalms of ascent. for once i feel like the history and context of these verses make sense to me! this is a whole new concept! i really struggle understanding the background and context of scripture. kudos to beth moore for explaining it so well in her dvd’s and book. i have homework everyday and it takes me about 30 min. i’m really enjoying forcing myself to sit down for some “me” time. lizzie faith would much rather me do that than sit at the computer. she can’t stand me at the computer and fusses at me constantly. i also will be memorizing 2 verses a week for this study. i used to be really good at this, but since losing brain cells having lizzie faith i have struggled at memorization – hoping something greater than me takes on this challenge and we succeed! 🙂 

i finally gave up looking for black yarn to finish the black prayer wrap i had started weeks ago. for some reason walmart decided to stop carrying their standard black homespun when they have carried it for YEARS! gr! fine timing, in the middle of a wrap. bummer! i stepped out on a limb and decided on a creamy – rose color. i normally keep with the solids and let everyone else do the variegated colors but i just kept gravitating back towards this gorgeous yarn. picture-16


today we are headed out to a family’s home in our church who recently purchased our town’s newspaper and wants to switch their computer system over to mac (very wise decision! :)) but hasn’t figured out mac’s system well enough to switch successfully. they are currently using pc’s at the newspaper office and at home have their mac’s trying to figure it out. i’m headed out this afternoon to get their preferences set up the way they want and get everything they want on their desktop and dashboard. i’m excited! it’s always fun to help people out! 

like i said earlier, the meeting with the appraiser went really well. we feel like he is willing to do what it takes to get us the type of loan we want which is really exciting. now we wait. wait for the appraisal to come in, then we get our title insurance, sign some more loan papers, give the bank some mulla, buy the land, and DIG! i’m guessing 3 weeks… we’re nervous, excited, scared, anxious, prayerful, did i mention nervous and excited and scared???! 🙂 

lizzie faith and i have had a rough start of the week.  we’ve spent more time together this week and i’ve made more of an effort to hear her when she is telling me what she wants in her own language. she is really becoming persistent that i listen to her. which is hilarious! but the acting out was just because i was slacking in a few new but very important areas!! i also wasn’t giving her much slack before retying bonds of fellowship. *sigh* so we were headed down a downward spiral fast! glad we’ve made improvement! 

i’m off to tidy this house up a bit before she wakes up! the only good thing from the time change, i get up before her… we won’t discuss bedtime, k? k.