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my vision

Posted: 03/23/2009 in family

i was reading my Bible this morning and i read this verse about jerusalem as i was studying… 

psalm 122:3 (niv)

jerusalem is a well built city, knit together as a single unit.

this is my desire for my family. 

jerusalem was known and is still known for it’s sense of “home”. those who have gone and visited the modern jerusalem still feel it today and long to return and at each visit, the feeling to return grows more urgent. (according to beth moore)

i wish i could speak this from experience. this jerusalem is what i desire for my family and home.


Posted: 03/23/2009 in life

i avoid…


picking up.

folding laundry. 

doing dishes. 

anything and everything that needs done…

instead i savored moments with my daughter. (she leaned offering a kiss this morning, and tricked me by licking my lips instead! i was so shocked!) 

read my Bible. 

worked on my memory verses (psalms 121). 

mmm mmm drank a breve. 

and continued knitting a prayer wrap. (my favorite of all so far!) 

now off to eat lunch, pick up, and scoot to kville for some forgotten items from grocery shopping last week.