home sweet home

Posted: 03/30/2009 in house, icf (insulated concrete forms)

have i blogged about this recently? i’m thinking i haven’t! 

there has been some serious progress made! it’s so fun when it’s unexpected. i didn’t plan on anything happening for another 2 weeks. 

last thursday i got an unexpected call from the bank saying they were finalizing paperwork and we would be ready to start writing checks and digging a big ol’ hole in 7 days or so. WOW! i’m sure my excitement and amazement was in my voice the whole phone conversation! 🙂 

right now the abstract office is working on our land stuff to get the deed divided and transfered. i’m searching for mock contracts and such. we will meet with the land owner this week and decide on the contract and such. i’ll also be getting a permit and making a few phone calls. this weekend we will be right a hefty check to the bank to get the ball rolling and also signing loan documents. the beginning of next week we’ll sign our first big fat check from our construction account and own land for the first time in our lives. 😀

this weekend we are ordering windows, exterior doors and forms. the hole is hopefully being scheduled this morning to dig two weeks from today, april 13th (all i asked for my bday was a hole in the ground, 4/10 is my bday. i think i got my wish!). 3 weeks from today we will have the icf’s ready and start forming walls and have the first round of concrete trucks and pump truck the end of that week, april 17th or so. right after that we will spray tar on the exterior below grade forms for waterproofing and start the floor joists and assembling the forms for the main level above grade, and the end of the fourth week (from today) start another round of concrete trucks and pump truck. then we’ll beg every masculine man we know to come for lunch or supper and lend their muscles to lift those trusses up on my roof.  and this puppy will be enclosed. then i’ll beg a few more of those men to come back for another superb meal and then maybe help roof on the side, you know in between meals while that superb meal is digesting. 😉 (at least it won’t be 100 degrees outside!) oh and give or take a couple weeks on this time line… 🙂


i’m so excited! 

i just can’t hide it.

  1. stampit74 says:

    VERY Exciting! Can’t wait to see! woohoo!

  2. mc says:

    such fun! yay! 🙂

  3. sarah n says:

    I’m excited for you! I’m sure its a bit overwhelming at times. I’ve thought of you a couple times as I’ve been picking things out for the house, I think, “WOW, Breanna has to pick EVERYTHING out!” I’m srue its fun and exciting, though.

  4. breanna says:

    sarah, it is very hard! i would have a lot more anxiety if it weren’t for my mom and sisters!!! i enjoy figuring out what i’d like but now i just want to live in it and use it!!!

  5. aj says:

    Oh this is very exciting. Tim was just asking last night when you guys were going to get started so I will let him know. He wants to come help!! 🙂 I can help with food!!

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