oh me oh my!

Posted: 03/30/2009 in lizzie faith

this weekend was loaded with fun. 

we started the weekend out heading to osky saturday morning. we beat the snow and settled in to my parents house. 

not long after i arrived my aunt connie and uncle jim arrived from council bluffs. we had a fun afternoon! lizzie faith learned how to stamp! a-dorable! we soon switch out the real stamp pad with a mock one without ink so i could get some bible study homework done and not get pink ink EVERY WHERE!

eric called and said he tried to head north to eat supper with us all but struggled driving even on the highway with his old tires (we must order new one’s this week! it’s been on our list to do for months!! the car floats on the road instead of gripping it.). he stayed home and had some “eric-time” (later to find out that means cleaning the house entirely and doing the dishes and making the beds! i’m loved!). everyone came over to mom’s for hamburgers. (ben grilled! even in the snow! so dedicated!) everything was so yummy! it was loud – so you know everyone had fun!

it wasn’t long after the plates were cleared before the macbooks were pulled out of their bags and plopped on the tables with an audience to view who found what on google earth, house plans and who said what on their blogs. 🙂 *sigh* family! love it! 

lizzie faith and i slept in mommy’s old room and it used to be auntie color’s room too. it has all of the girly toys in it. the mini washer and dryer, sink and dishes, ironing board, table and food, oh did i forget dolls and such too!! it was hard to get that girl to go to bed. i finally just turned the light off and grabbed her and tucked her in to darkness!! i’m sure she was dreaming about playing with all those great toys! i was awake in the morning, but just resting with my eyes closed and i hear her sit up, gasp, and then i feel her breath on my face and she starts saying “mom, mom, mom!” over and over until i open my eyes and she is an inch away from my face, she looks up and around at all the toys and immediately gets off the bed and starts playing! she likes it up there. 

sunday morning i relaxed and prepared for a good friend’s wedding shower. the shower was wonderful and all hands and minds involved did a wonderful job! 

the trip home was smooth. lizzie faith was so very tired and slept the whole way. thank goodness! momma needed the break too. just me and the road, oh and the veggietales cd. 🙂  (you know you’re a mom when… he he he)

  1. stampit74 says:

    what a great recap of the weekend…wow, it did speed by, didn’t it?!!! It’s so fun to get hugs and kisses from Lizzie girl! She’s a sweetheart for sure and Breanna you are great help and company!

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