“you don’t live with gma???”

Posted: 04/02/2009 in family, house

yesterday was a fun day for sure!!! 

auntie colors (heather) surprised us with a phone call tuesday night saying they would love to come wednesday! i was jumpin up and down! it’s so fun to have company! 🙂 amanda and henry came too.

amanda and i were chattin on the phone on their way here and she mentioned henry thought we lived with “babushka pam” (grandma pam for us english users and i’m sure that’s spelled wrong). i had to laugh!! i bet so! that’s where we always are when we see henry! he he he! i’m surprised he didn’t say “never seen carpet like this momma” ROFL (he says that to chicken and other things, so cute!) 

i told lizzie auntie colors, ethan, lane, attie, lilli, gena, auntie amanda and henry were coming but couldn’t come until she took a nap. *grin* she went right to sleep with an early nap. she woke up just a few minutes after amanda and henry arrived she woke up really chipper!! she’s normally not fun to be around for 10 or so minutes after waking up. 

at first she was awfully concerned about her toys that were being played with by 6 other loveys! but soon she was joining them and not concerned a bit! it’s been six months or so since they’ve been here so she’s never had to deal with everyone playing with all HER toys. 🙂 i’m glad she wasn’t nasty! 

we even caught gena and lizzie playing together several times! YAY! for some reason she’s so threatened by gena! lizzie is usually on gena’s turf so i’m hoping lizzie will be cool with gena from now on and not be so nervous… 

we had a super yummy lunch that we all indulged in and headed out to see our land. it was so fun to be able to share that with someone. i hadn’t brought anyone out there yet (well the appraiser doesn’t count). it really finalized everything for me. 

it looks like there are several towers all around where our new house will be, but they are all at least a couple miles away. so surely they wouldn’t put any towers closer to us! what’s that saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer – that’s how i feel about them-there towers. 

heather took some great pictures of the little one’s playing on the swing set and climbing trees! love her camera and thoughts behind the pictures! so fun! can’t wait to see them. i’ll share them on here when i do. 

it’s raining and gloomy today. *sigh* a day to stay inside with a coffee, knitting and reading. 

happy thursday!

  1. aj says:

    Oh we had so much fun!! I think Henry got out everything single toy lizzie has. 🙂 Thanks for letting us come!!

  2. breanna says:

    LOL if lizzie faith had her way with henry’s toys at your house, she would do the exact same thing! gotta see everything before you can decide! LOL she started mopping like the kids with the “bucket” and everything! so adorable! can’t remember if that was henry that showed her or the girls… i gotta get a video of it! she learned so much yesterday! so fun to see her learning and such!

  3. stampit74 says:

    oh funny! love your title! I really missed out, didn’t I! BOOHOO
    How do you get the quotation marks to go the right directions in your title? The first one always goes the wrong way when I do it in WordPress!
    Can’t wait to see the pictures!
    Pam Going Postal

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