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ya’ll took to long. 😛

i decided on these from modern art stamps


“lizzie faith”
















and this for our “b” return address. what do you think?? 


address stamps: which one?

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these are all from the etsy store search i did… oh i love them! all the green ones are $10 each – so reasonable! now will you help me decide which one(s) to buy?!

i started out the day with quite a to-do-list. i’ve been unsuccessful in the past few days trying to accomplish it and truly didn’t have very high hopes for getting it completed today – especially by 9:15am. SWEET! 

by 9:15 this morning

we got our new address. 

we figured out who’s pipe this water line was. got the figures and what we need to do to hook up to them. (i’m a bit shocked by the sticker price 😦 oh well!)

contacted tri-county and made an appt to meet with them this week at our land to figure out what we need to hook up electricity. 

contacted our digger guy and made an appt with him to meet us at our land to go over a few things this week. 

contacted 1-800-digrite for a “design ticket”. this will tell us what kind of lines are running through the whole property then we’ll just have to update when it’s time to dig. (the water company put a bug in our hear, that they thought there was a waterline right under our “house” – this is not good news!) 

ordered icf’s. ouch! talk about sticker shock! 🙂 we are very blessed, don’t get me wrong. but let’s just say it was a bit more than our window order and a bit more nerve wracking.

the rest of the week feels crazy. we may head out to the land this afternoon and start flagging out the perimeter of the land (more than it already is).

tomorrow night eric will meet tri-county electric out there after work along with the digger-dude and we’ll flag out the actual house. WOW! (that i am anxious to see) at some point, eat supper, so eric can be up at church for practice by 7:30. that’s a lot to get done by 7:30!

friday is my birthday! 🙂 i know! how fun! i’ll be a quarter of a century old. wowzers! my in-laws are coming over for supper. i’m sure lizzie faith will have a blast showing off, twirling and pulling out every toy she owns! 🙂 she’s so shy when we are out and about, it’s fun when visitors come over in her comfort zone. she warms up so quickly! 

oh oh too, last night and this morning i made 20 more invites for this pretty big wedding that’s coming up. every time i complete something, i’m like, i think that’s it. i’ll pack everything up. then i dig everything back out! 🙂 i think i should stop packing it up, at least until the wedding. LOL i really enjoy doing it so i sure don’t mind! 

with all that said, there is  maze of toys on the dining room/living room floor so i’ll hush up and get to work! i’m hoping lizzie faith gets to feeling better. she’s all stuffed up and grouchy. she wants to be carried every where! have you picked her up lately?! yea, i know, she’s HUGE and HEAVY! 🙂