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Posted: 04/09/2009 in spiritual growth

it seems that no matter the joy, satan finds a way to wiggle in. 

is it just me? 

it seems when i am the most joyous (by choice and by circumstances) that is when my joy is challenged the most. 

i’ll admit, i’m discouraged and disappointed tonight; yet full of joy and peace. knowing and resting in God’s will. 

what do you do to remain joyful regardless? any tips would be much appreciated! 

i hope you are too (in God’s will), no matter where that is, i hope you are also resting in peace and are joyful regardless of your circumstances! we’ll have ourselves a little party! 


this is so encouraging to me! tomorrow starts the first of many many evenings without my husband. this will be so hard on us as a family in many ways – and this was just the encouragement i needed, i hope this blesses you in some way too.




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i can talk to woman about this depth of emotion because i’ve been through it. it’s not an academic exercise for me. it’s not a sociopolitical point of view. it has nothing to do with the cultural wars. i just want to take a woman’s heart hold it in my hands and give it back to her. because it’s been taken away! -dr. laura

i decided i wanted to try the powder laundry detergent. i’ve been using the liquid and still have TONS left. (now i have 3/4 BIG box of arm and hammer laundry detergent, 3/4 batch of homemade liquid and a batch of the homemade powder – i’m thinking i won’t make detergent again until we are moved in to the new house. LOL)

my recipe:

i grated in my little $5 mini food chopper 1 bar of kiss my face soap (8 oz)

poured in my air tight glass container

added 3 cups of washing soda and 3 cups of borax

use 1 tbsp in each load, i double for a full load of diapers

this is enough soap for approx 48 loads of laundry.

i have half of a box of borax and washing soda left and i’ve made 3 batches. so i’m thinking it costs between $3-$5 for 48 loads of laundry (possibly more).

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