Archive for 04/13/2009

it’s dreary, rainy, gloomy – a sad looking day. 

it took me twice as long as it should have to assemble a half of a pallet of icf’s – lizzie and i decided to eat lunch early and she’s down for her second nap for today. (saturday was an exhausted day for all involved).

i’m wondering, it is monday… eric’s at work. i’ve started our typical routine for a monday (with foam added)… what’s up? 

i’m trying to accomplish some tasks i’ve been suspending – you know like, call and get our building insurance policy drawn up so all this foam is insured if stolen ( i know, unlikely… surely we would hear someone try to steal a half of a semi load of foam! te he! but we’re trying to be responsible here) and they aren’t answering there phone. 

i remember. 

it was easter yesterday. 

oh yea, people who work FOR people don’t work today. all of us others – well we work everyday and don’t usually get vacations. LOL oh well! there are perks on both sides…

tomorrow, first on my list – call for building insurance policy!