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{a change of plans}0

Posted: 04/20/2009 in basement, house

as this draws closer and closer – i keep thinking… 

thinking about what it will be like… 

i formed a concept and went to eric with it and he agreed it made sense on so many levels. 

we’re going to go ahead and plan on moving into the basement of the new house as soon as we can. 

there are a couple major things we are still thinking about and haven’t decided HOW to problem solve. i could see them changing my mind entirely. they are kind of vital to my life, the washer and dryer. i *could* live without the dryer, but the washer?! no way!  the other is the dishwasher. not sure i can wheel it into the downstairs bathroom to hook it up! i’m stubborn and i could see myself making it work though. it is an 8×8 bathroom. we’ve also considered putting in a washing room sink instead of a pedestal sink down there so i could wash dishes/pans in it easier and maybe not have to use the bathtub to wash dishes. 

this is going to be hard for me. i’m sure. i may even be sorry. but the pros really do make sense. 

one of them is being able to put lizzie down to sleep and go upstairs and help eric or clean. i would also feel like i was up rooting lizzie less by living there and being able to live downstairs with daddy just upstairs working instead of across town. 

not to mention the financial aspect. we would be back down to only one set of utilities instead of two and we would just be making interest payments instead of interest and rent… that is VERY appealing.  

i have ideas for storage. we’ll use our bedroom wardrobe for our pots and pans and dishes. hopefully be able to put some food in there as well. eric has several bookshelves and we’ll use one of them for the rest of the non-fridge food. the toys all have storage currently that i can use. lizzie’s dresser will still be her dresser, eric and i can share the one dresser in our bedroom and use large storage tubs… i think it will work. (not to mean it won’t be hard or challenging, it will…) 

so… if we do this, what does this mean? 

shwoo – i have a lot of packing to do. this morning i walked into lizzie’s old room where all the back garage storage is and took one look around and turned around and walked back out. that was productive, huh. it needs completely resorted and packed right. i know i will appreciate it later, it’s just doing it. 😛 let’s not mention the 4 other closets that need this badly and then all of our stuff that we actually use daily.   


i think i’ll go assemble forms and put this all off one more day.