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Posted: 04/24/2009 in lizzie faith

i don’t want to forget. 

it feels like it’s finally clicking. 

lizzie faith is copying what i say. 

everything that she can not touch she calls “hot”. *giggle*

the new things she says, 



“i don’t know”



(some of these she said before and then stopped saying them and there are more i can’t remember – i’ll add to this list…)

embracing god’s view of your marriage part 1

embracing god’s view of your marriage part 2

yesterday morning my husband calls me from work and tells me, “beth moore is on the radio”. with every inclination in his voice that he wants me to listen to it!!!!  he comes home last night, “did you listen to it?” i’m thinking, “oh dear, he was serious!!” i had looked on the website but not very whole-heartedly… i thought maybe he was just telling me because i’m doing a beth moore study. i didn’t realize he KNEW this would bless me and in turn bless HIM. lol i can take a hint… so here i sit, listening. 🙂 

my husband is the spiritual leader in this home. i’m learning everyday what that means… today, my desire is to please my husband and enable him to be the spiritual leader of me… 

i hope this blesses you like it has blessed me! wow! i do have a mighty good man! 😀