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{a heart like his}

Posted: 04/25/2009 in me, spiritual growth

my beth moore study group is nearing it’s end. i’m in shock and aw! that went fast and i’m not ready to be done. we have two weeks left, i believe…  i’m thinking ahead what i want to do next. this seed is going to bury it’s way deeper and deeper. this seed of or routine of consistent bible study isn’t going to just blow away with the breeze. 

here’s my plan. 

my life is going to turn upside down. fellowship is HUGE, yes, but my life does live in the computer (so it feels sometimes). there are so many individuals i would love to connect with, live closer to, know on a deeper level, have a personal bible study with them. i’ve been praying about it for months now. where i am at in my life right now, i’m not sure i can recommit to another 2 hours away from our daily routine. but an hour or so on the computer, in our home, i can do!

this is where i’m going. want to join me?


i’ll be starting david: a heart like his by beth moore in mid-may or june. i’m thinking once we get the books we can review and decide when to  meet online (msn group chat or the like) to discuss our week’s lesson and homework. 

if you are interested. shoot me an email (by clicking email me on the right hand side of my blog) or leave a comment. 

i’m really excited and pray you will feel lead to join me. i’m so excited to start this study and will be doing it on my own regardless if anyone wants to join me. i am already reaping the blessing and benefits of doing this current beth moore study with a group… it offers so much more…

consider it. let me know. i don’t think you’d regret it. 🙂