hole update

Posted: 04/29/2009 in house

the basement hole is draining some since steve (our dozer) dug a sort of trench where our walk out basement is. he had planned on moving all the dirt for our walk out but since he was dozing in the rain and it was SO wet he struggled, i’m sure and only was able to move as much as he could. it drained probably half of the water, in the rain on monday so him digging that trench really made a significant difference. 

eric went out last night and hand dug a trench with a shovel even deeper and more angled than what steve was able to do with the dozer. eric said the water was gushing so he’s hoping that made a significant difference. i imagine he’ll be back out there tonight doing the same. there is nothing else to do. this is so frustrating!

  1. Betsy says:

    That IS frustrating! I’m so sorry.

  2. chelsea says:

    That would be frustrating.. but on the bright side, you at least HAVE a basement hole! I know theres people wishing they could build a house.. 😉

    It’ll all be worth it at the end! Other self home builders I know, has ran into unexpected problems too before.. Stay positive!

  3. Tim Sparks says:

    Wondering why nearly everybody builds the swimming pool first…
    It will dry soon.

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