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i’m really happy with the way it turned out… maybe it’s the colors… maybe it’s the contrasting dark and light basket… who knows! but i like it and wish it were mine! ūüėĬ†

happy wedding day cole and lindsay!


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i think we're all enjoying this weather

i think we're all enjoying this weather

4:00 am. 

hubby up to get to work by 5:00 am

4:45 am. 

i wake up to a horrible noise. this sounds something like a noise i heard at this exact time yesterday morning. strange. think to self, “what in the world is my husband doing?” i go back to sleep.¬†

later, eric calls to tell me he heard the noise and ran outside to see what in the world happened. to find nothing much. noticed the mailbox was missing so assumed it had something to do with that. 

headed back inside. 

dude is walking/running (can’t remember) towards him yelling “wait, man!”¬†

he proceeds to tell eric he just broke up with his girlfriend and went for a drive to blow off steam. he came around a corner too quickly, right (passenger) tire blew out and he lost control and went into the ditch.


oooh to be 20 and in love and stay up all night and do crazy things… so funny!!!

i’m very proud of him for being so honest!

it was a bumpy ride too. hoping you can see from the pictures. 

his car is the blue car and our mailbox is underneath it. 


he drove a good block away from our house before stopping. *puzzled*

we do have a mailbox out at our new “house” so we decided instead of replacing this mailbox for the third¬†time we’ll just go ahead and change address. this mailbox obviously does not want to live with us anymore.¬†

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my mom snapped these photos as they were walking out the door a couple days ago…¬†

she’s such a goof.¬†¬†


she really isn’t mad, she is “smiling” or so she thinks. lol

color color color

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i’ve been waiting 4 years to add color to my life.¬†

here’s my first itty bitty chance.¬†

it’s raining. our hole is a¬†mud pit. eric and my dad did what they could yesterday out there and now it’s just waiting around until it’s dry again before we can do anything else.¬†

my husband is thrilled! (sarcasm) i thought of something he could do while he was waiting!!! 

paint the exterior doors!! 

(now some of you may think this is crazy because they will get scuffed up and such while this is still a construction zone. i. don’t. care. they will get scuffed up from our daily life and need repainting many many many times. :))

first on my list was to come to terms with this house really being a charcoal color not a brownish color.

greyish house whie trim

(i did. not. want. a. grey. house. but then i go and fall in love with a picture that IS grey… so funny!) so now that i’ve accomplished that. i can move on to what i want the doors to be painted on the exterior side. ¬†

here’s what i’m thinking… smokey blue (second down from the top) i LOVE velvet evening too. what do you think?Picture 2

footings: pouring concrete

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the footings are poured! yay! 

thanks to: my hubs!, tim s (my dad), ben (my bil), tim d. (my bil), anthony (eric’s bro), denny (eric’s pops), and gene (eric’s uncle). did i forget anyone?! i hope not! thanks you guys (and wives and children for sharing and¬†sacrificing¬†too)!!!!¬†

we are beat. 

in a way we have never been before. 

we are so stressed. 

stressed, is also taking on a new meaning. 

we’ll survive right?

i just don’t know how. i can’t live off emotional support and rescue 5. somehow i have got to get a grip! :/

oh yes, the footings are poured! YAY! 

we do have a water leak. the plumber thought he fixed it but nope, still leaking. :/ kinda nervous about that but trying not to think about it! i’m focusing on the fact that we finally got the footings poured!!! yay!¬†

let’s not focus on how sunburnt we are even when we put healing oil on (version of sunblock), how sleep deprived we are, how we (me specifically) are hardly eating and¬†nauseous¬†all the time from silly stress, or that i can’t seem to ever get our checkbook to balance, or that the car needs new brakes and rotors now too and still needs a new blower motor for the ac… ¬†should i keep going or stop?

this is why i haven’t been blogging lately. ¬†cuz it just makes me all stressed stopping and thinking about what is going on. *sigh*

*ok, so you see the picture of the dirt… well that’s where the concrete truck drove down into the walkout part of the basement and almost TIPPED OVER. i am so very thankful i wasn’t there. above you will have find a partial list of the reasons why i’m having anxiety issues. can you imagine what viewing this would have done to me. *gasp* eric said that truck was so very close to tipping over. he has never seen anything that close to tipping over and it not tip. eek!


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playin in the dirt

playin in the dirt

words can not describe

words can not describe